Sunday 13 June 2010

Dust Busting

So just yesterday I got a call from Craig in England. We ended up discussing dust, and the second hand machines he is able to find at their "dump sites". Ya, so today I am busy cleaning my garage and I am using Abby's Hoover vacuum cleaner. Next minute it stops working, just dead.

Is that some kinda magic?? or karma??

I'll need to make a plan to get her a new vacuum. As if I do not have enough headaches looking at all the tools and not knowing which I REALLY need or can afford, I now have to learn about vacuum cleaners. ... and less money to spend on building boat.
But since I am going to end up using the vacuum the most, I am not really complaining too much :)

I am wondering if the motor of this vacuum can be salvaged - perhaps even re-incarnated .. I wonder.


CraigRK said...

Check that it isn't just the overheat that tripped. If this is the case it should start up again when cold. Else check the cord in case you stretched and damaged it.

Montague said...

It was the overheat trip. You are way too clever!!
I'll be careful in future not to use it too much at once. I think the main problem is, that the sawdust is very fine and perhaps the filter will need to be cleaned much more regularly. Although, in saying that, I have cleaned the filter twice today, and that was during one round of cleaning.

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