Thursday 24 June 2010

Still waiting...

I've been patient in waiting for lumber to arrive, but it's mind-numbing.
I've tidied up a fair bit and built new shelves along one wall. One shelf for holding stock materials in the 3m range - and my strips will live there too. A second shelf for tools and general odd & ends, which helps general neatness.

I am working of a router table (desktop version). The idea is from various internet sources, but I am struggling to incorporate a few of the ideas.
I am now busy sourcing a router plate, and also building a split fence. The fence is taking some time to get aligned properly. I might have to redo one small portion.
I'll post pictures as soon as I have anything decent.


Montague said...

It's a week later .. still waiting.
I called them regarding the delivery and all they have got to say is that the machines doing the planing,cutting,shaving are very busy.

I am getting tired of waiting.

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