Wednesday 16 June 2010

here's .... Bonnie!

Since I have received a number of emails regarding Bonnie and her kennel, I thought it's time to introduce her. It's a month since the operation and she is doing much better.

Here she is on one of her garden excursions. She is allowed outside a few times per day to relieve herself and stretch her legs.
No stairs or jumping! But she has been reasonably well behaved.
Except for slyness...
She is getting way too clever. She sits and cries in the kennel, just to get let out, and then she has no special needs, just wants outside.
She would always listen to me the best. If I call, she'd go straight inside and into the kennel. Until yesterday. Now when she gets called, she hides under a bush in the garden.
I've left her outside for a few hours at a time and if she remains still it's no problem. The problem comes with the backdoor, it has 4 steps and a doggy-door. Bonnie wants to go there and try to enter the house, even though the doggy-door is shut. It's the "No Stairs" policy that's being broken.

Just two more months of kennel time. Then all will be fine.
By then the patch on her back will be re-grown too.

Here is Katana, Bonnie's "sister".

Katana has become my apprentice in the garage. She loves following me around all day. Every time I lift a tool, or a metal ruler, there is a chance to chase reflections. Oh, and then there is that large ostrich-feather-duster .. if only she could get at it.


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