Saturday 26 June 2010

There's nothing like getting a job done...

I needed a router table and not being able to afford buying what I want, I decided to look for plans to build my own. Searching the internet I found plans for a desktop version which I thought was suitable at Jeff Greef Woodworking. I modified this plan slightly in terms of size mostly, due to wanting to use what wood I had available.
I found plans for a split fence at Sawdustmaking 101. I modified these plans slightly to accommodate what I could find locally.
Thanks to these free plans which people so graciously supplied, I now have a piece of equipment that would have cost me a small fortune if I went and bought a similar product.

Here are some pictures of the (almost) finished product.

In the following picture, the knobs "A" can be loosened to allow the complete fence assembly to slide on the T-tracks. (Click Here to see how I made the T-Track)
The nuts "B" are loosened as required to adjust the near fence (forward fence) in order to allow thinner or deeper cut. These are then tightened prior to making cuts.
A close-up of the pillow-blocks and the threaded rod which attached to the "forward fence". This fence is adjustable in relation to the "stationary back fence" and this adjustment allows me to choose how thick a slice to route off the edge of my material.
I know that these pillow block bearings are pretty large and probably excessive, but I got them dirt cheap and they do the job just perfectly.

There are probably a million changes that could be made to these plans to make things better or more accurate.
One feature I have not yet completed is a small "box" around the cutting area of the fence which will facilitate the control of dust from the cuts. I want to make something that will attach to the vacuum.

For now I am pretty happy. This is portable and small enough to serve as a table when not in use. Whilst I was building it, I used the table as a bench for the drill press. No reason not to continue using it for that purpose too.


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